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The next generation of library and knowledge management

Our service is a key factor in why libraries choose Amlib—we assist with designing an implementation plan to suit your requirements, providing comprehensive onsite training to your staff, accurately migrating data across from your existing system and have an expert support team available to assist with all your ongoing support needs.

Our company priorities ensure that our solution is based on:

  • Excellence in customer support
  • State-of-the-art library software that is robust, proven and easy to use
  • Experience in helping your library migrate to Amlib in a timely, professional manner

OCLC also has a commitment to ongoing development. This ensures Amlib continues to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers as well as implementing new software technologies as they become available.


Amlib's unique parameter framework enables your library to easily tailor the appearance and operation of Amlib. Importantly, customisation parameters are easily configured by libraries using the Amlib Supervisor module.

Parameters across the entire system allow libraries to choose which functions to implement and customise to suit their operational requirements. Examples of Amlib parameters that are easily customised are: security roles, barcode check digits, marc tags, circulation sound events, layout of notices—there are many more.

The Amlib OPAC offers the ability to extensively customise each screen with your own text, colours, logos, and help messages, as well as operating with different system language sets simultaneously.

Compliant and secure

For maximum interoperability with other library databases, devices and systems, Amlib complies with a broad set of library and technology standards.   It is available for a range of operating systems, and features robust and secure management of an organisation's information.

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