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You can order all types of batchload projects using the OCLC Online Service Center (OSC). In the OSC, you choose between two batchload order forms: one for ordering batchload for bibliographic records or a separate one for ordering batchload for local holdings records.

OCLC offers customized subscription pricing for individual institutions and library groups, tailored to your specific needs.

If you are new to OCLC Cataloging or interested in using Batchload services, contact OCLC for more information on the services and how to become an OCLC Member or cataloging library.

Before you order

Highly recommended: Use one of the following pre-order checklists, depending on which type of records you want to batchload, bibliographic records or local holdings records. The checklist mimics the order form to allow you to gather the information you need to complete your order:

When you are ready to order

  1. Log on or create a new account in the OCLC Online Service Center (OSC).
  2. Navigate to "OCLC Services" page: On the OSC Welcome page, click Order OCLC products and services; on the Order page, click OCLC services.
  3. On the OCLC services page, click the Batchload for Bibliographic Records link or the Batchload for Local Holdings Records link, or click the adjacent Order button for one of the links.
  4. Follow directions to open and complete the order form.

For bibliographic batchload orders, see more information in Batchload Solutions for Bibliographic Records—Quick Reference, or see more detailed instructions for ordering in chapter 3 of the Batch Services User Guide. For local holdings record batchload orders, see more information in the Local Holdings Record Updating Service User Guide.

If you have questions or need help with your order, please contact OCLC Customer Support at

For more information or to request a quote, please contact OCLC or your local distributor.

Bibliographic Record Snapshot

Use the Bibliographic Record Snapshot Request to place orders for Bibliographic Record Snapshots that are held in OCLC archive data sets for your institution or to issue Out-of-Warranty requests for a single or for multiple member institutions. See more information about Bibliographic Record Snapshot.

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