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100  Main Entry–Personal Name  (NR)


Input Standards

Required if applicable/Required if applicable
1st Indicator  Type of personal name entry element
1 Surname
3 Family name
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character  Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards
‡a Personal name (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
‡b Numeration (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
‡c Titles and other words associated with a name (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
‡d Dates associated with a name (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
‡e Relator term (R) Optional/Optional
‡f Date of a work (NR) Optional. Pre-AACR2 only/Optional. Pre-AACR2 only
‡g Miscellaneous information  (NR) Optional/Optional
‡j Attribution qualifier (R) Optional/Optional
‡k Form subheading (R) Optional. Pre-AACR2 only/Optional. Pre-AACR2 only
‡l Language of a work  (NR) Optional. Pre-AACR2 only/Optional. Pre-AACR2 only
‡n Number of part/section of a work  (R) Optional. Pre-AACR2 only/Optional. Pre-AACR2 only
‡p Name of part/section of a work (R) Optional. Pre-AACR2 only/Optional. Pre-AACR2 only
‡q Fuller form of name  (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
‡s Version (NR) Obsolete. Do not use/Obsolete. Do not use
‡t Title of a work (NR) Optional. Pre-AACR2 only/Optional. Pre-AACR2 only
‡u Affiliation  (NR) Optional/Optional
‡0 Authority record control number (R) Optional/Optional
‡4 Relator code  (R) Optional/Optional


A personal name used as a main entry heading. A main entry heading is assigned according to various cataloging rules. Usually, a personal name is the name of the person chiefly responsible for the creation of the artistic or intellectual content of an item.
  Use for the following types of personal names:
  • Names of persons capable of authorship.
  • Phrases having the structure of forenames or surnames. Use this type of entry if a phrase characterizes an author and is the only clue to the author's identity.
  • Names of families.

Do not enter field 100 in the same record with field 110, field 111 or field 130.

Archival materials

The personal or family name may be the name or other essential identifying information about the person or family responsible for the creation of the papers or for whom a manuscript collection is named. To enter additional biographical or identifying data, use field 545.

1st Indicator

Type of personal name entry element. The form of name. These values could be used to facilitate card filing arrangements. However, OCLC does not differentiate among forms of name for sorting cards.

AACR2 has no provision for names of families as main or added entries (field 100, field 700 and field 800). However, family names may be used as main entries for current cataloging of archival collections cataloged according to Describing Archives: A Content Standard. Names of families are appropriate as subject entries ( field 600).

Forename. Use for the following types of names:
  • Names structured as forenames (direct order)
    100   Father Divine.
    100   Hildegarde, ‡c Saint .
    100   Howard.
  • Names that consist of initials in direct order
    100   H. D.
  • Characterizing phrases in direct order
    100   Author of Allons au ciel.
    100   Master of the Housebook.
  • If a forename/surname status is in doubt, treat the name as a forename
    100   Liberace.
    100   Pseudo-Brutus.
    100   Ram Gopal.
1 Surname. Use for the following types of names:
  • Names (real or pseudonyms) having any inverted order
    100 1   Carroll, Lewis.
    100 1   Chiang, Kai-shek.
    100 1   Walpole, William Winchester.
  • Names known to be surnames but lacking forenames
    100 1   Smith, ‡c Mrs.
    100 1   Stendhal.
  • Names consisting of multiple entry elements that include articles or prepositions (e.g., De, La or Van)
    100 1   De la Mare, Walter.
    100 1   Van Buren, Martin.
  • Names of persons known under sobriquets and nicknames that have the structure of surnames
    100 1   Other, A. N.
    100 1   Q., Mike.
3 Family name. Use for the name of a family, clan, dynasty, house or other such group. The name may be constructed in direct or inverted order.
100 3   Dunlop family.
100 3   Norfolk, Dukes of.
100 3   Medici, House of.

2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character ).
blank character Undefined


‡a Personal name A surname and/or forename; abbreviations, initials, letters, numbers or phrases used in place of a name; or a family name. Use subfield ‡c for parenthetical qualifying terms associated with the name. Use subfield ‡q for fuller forms of a name added as a qualifier. Enter a period after initials. Enter one space between initials.
100   B. M.
100   Cher.
100   Sun Ra.
100 1   Ching, Francis K. W.
100 1   Das Gupta, G.
100 1   Harris, Edwin.
100 1   Smith, W. Zachariah.
100 1   Stowe, Harriet Beecher.
‡b Numeration A Roman numeral alone or a Roman numeral and a subsequent part of a forename. Use only in a forename heading (i.e., entries with 1st indicator value ).
100   Gustaf ‡b II Adolf.
100   John ‡b II Comnenus, ‡c Emperor of the East, ‡d 1088-1143.
100   John Paul ‡b II, ‡c Pope, ‡d 1920-2005.
100   Louis ‡b IX.
‡c Titles and other words associated with a name Titles and other words associated with a name. These include qualifying information such as:
  • A Roman numeral used with a surname
  • Initials of an academic degree or denoting membership in an organization, e.g., F.L.A.
  • Terms of address, e.g., Mrs.
  • Titles designating rank, office or nobility, e.g., Sir
  • Other words or phrases associated with a name, e.g., clockmaker or Saint.
100   Anselm, ‡c Brother, F.S.C.
100   Charles ‡b X Gustav, ‡c King of Sweden.
100   Johannes ‡c (Notary)
100   John Paul ‡b I, ‡c Pope.
100   Joseph, ‡c Nez Percé Chief.
100   Pierre, ‡c Chef.
100 1   Evans, Montgomery, ‡c II.
100 1   Kames, Henry Home, ‡c Lord.
100 1   Smith, David, ‡c history master.
100 1   Ward, Humphrey, ‡c Mrs.

If the heading is a surname followed directly by a prefix without intervening forenames or forename initials, the prefix is contained in subfield ‡c to prevent its being processed as a forename in searching.

100 1   Walle-Lissnijder, ‡c van de.

If a heading consists of a surname with a title or associated words, enter the title following the surname and preceding any other element of the heading. Use subfield ‡q for fuller forms of names in parentheses.

100 1   Gatti de Gamond, ‡c Madame ‡q (Zoé Charlotte)

Multiple adjacent titles or words associated with a name are contained in a single subfield ‡c. Repeat subfield ‡c only when words associated with a name are separated by subelements contained in other subfields.

100   Charles Edward, ‡c Prince, grandson of James II, King of England, ‡d 1720-1788.
100   Thomas, ‡c Aquinas, Saint, ‡d 1225?-1274.
100 1   Churchill, Winston, ‡c Sir, ‡d 1874-1965 ‡c (Spirit)
[Subfield ‡c is repeated due to intervening subelements.]

Use for other parenthetical additions to a name.

100   Taj Mahal ‡c (Musician)
‡d Dates associated with a name Birth, death or flourished dates used with a name. A qualifier used with the date (e.g., b., d., ca., fl., cent. or ?) is also contained in subfield ‡d.
100   Jacques, ‡c de Liége, ‡d ca. 1260-ca. 1330.
100   Joannes, ‡c Diaconus, ‡d 12th cent.
100   Piri Reis, ‡d d. 1554?
100 1   Adams, Henry, ‡d 1838-1918.
100 1   Johnson, Carl F., ‡d fl. 1893-1896.
100 1   Saint-Georges, Joseph Boulogne, ‡c chevalier de, ‡d d. 1799.
100 1   Smith, John, ‡d 1882 Aug. 5-
100 1   Wells, H. G. ‡q (Herbert George), ‡d 1866-1946.

The print program provides any necessary additional spaces after the hyphen.

100 1   Smith, John, ‡d 1924- ‡e defendant.
Prints as:
Smith, John, 1924- defendant.
‡e Relator term A designation of function that describes the relationship between a name and a work (e.g., collector, comp., defendant, ed., ill., joint author or tr.).
100 1   Fitzgerald-Jones, Sandra, ‡d 1938- ‡e interviewer.
100 1   Morgan, John Pierpont, ‡d 1837-1913, ‡e collector.
100 1   Smith, Elsie, ‡d 1900-1945, ‡e defendant.

Relator codes, which also specify a relationship of a person to a work, are contained in subfield ‡4.

‡f Date of a work The date of publication used with a title of a work. Pre-AACR2 headings only.
‡g Miscellaneous information Data not identified in another subfield. Unlikely to be used in field 100.
‡j Attribution qualifier Attribution information when the responsibility is unknown, uncertain, fictitious or pseudonymous. Use for qualifiers that follow the name of a known artist for the work. Do not use subfield ‡j for headings formulated according to AACR2.
100   E. S., ‡c Meister, ‡d 15 cent., ‡j Follower of
100 1   Reynolds, Joshua, ‡c Sir, ‡d 1723-1792, ‡j Pupil of
‡k Form subheading A form subheading. Pre-AACR2 headings only.
‡l Language of a work The name of the language or the term representing the language (e.g., Polyglot) of a work. Pre-AACR2 headings only.
‡n Number of part/section of a work The number designation for a part/section of a work. Pre-AACR2 headings only.
‡p Name of part/section of a work A name designation of a part/section of a work in a name/title field. Pre-AACR2 headings only.
‡q Fuller form of name A more complete form or part of the name than is in subfield ‡a. Enter unused forenames or surnames if the name is necessary to resolve conflicts.
100   W. J. ‡q (William Jameson)
100 1   Beeton, ‡c Mrs. ‡q (Isabella Mary), ‡d 1836-1865.
100 1   Fowler, T. M. ‡q (Thaddeus Mortimer), ‡d 1842-1922.
100 1   Smith, Elizabeth ‡q (Ann Elizabeth)
‡s Version Obsolete. Do not use.
‡t Title of a work A uniform title, a title page title of a work or a series title. Pre-AACR2 headings only. Enter AACR2 title main entry information in field 240 or field 245 as appropriate.
‡u Affiliation The affiliation or address of the name in subfield ‡a.
100 1   Brown, B. F. ‡u Chemistry Dept., American University
‡0 Authority record control number Subfield ‡0 (zero) contains the system control number of the related authority record or a standard identifier such as an International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI). The control number or identifier is preceded by the appropriate MARC Organization code (for a related authority record) or the Standard Identifier source code (for a standard identifier scheme), enclosed in parentheses. See MARC Code List for Organizations ( for a listing of organization codes and Standard Identifier Source Codes ( for code systems for standard identifiers. Subfield ‡0 is repeatable for different control numbers or identifiers.

Do not input subfield ‡0 in master records, instead use the control headings function. Local authority identifiers may be entered in subfield ‡0 locally, but should not be added to master records in WorldCat.

‡4 Relator code A three-character code that indicates the relationship of the entry to the item. See MARC Code List for Relators (
100 1   Beecham, Thomas, ‡c Sir, ‡d 1879-1961. ‡4 cnd
100 1   Herman, Egbert. ‡4 org

Relator terms, which also specify a relationship of a person to a work, are contained in subfield ‡e.


Field 100 prints as the main heading. Subfields ‡u and ‡4 do not print.

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