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AccM:  Accompanying Matter



REC, SCO: 008/24-29; 006/07-12

Input Standards

REC, SCO: Optional. Up to six one-character codes. Default:  blank character blank character blank character blank character blank character blank character 


REC, SCO, 006 

The contents of program notes and other accompanying material for sound recordings, music manuscripts or printed music. Generally, a specific code is used only if a significant part of the accompanying material is the type of material represented by the code. Up to six codes may be recorded in alphabetical order. If fewer than six codes are assigned, the codes are left-justified and unused positions contain blanks. If more than six codes are appropriate, only the six most important are recorded.


REC, SCO, 006

Use the following codes for accompanying matter that is substantial or unique and cannot be found in standard reference works:

blank character  No accompanying matter

Discography. Accompanying matter contains a discography or other bibliography of recorded sound.

AccM     aefi
245 Eclipse Quartet with William Winant / ǂc Zeena Parkins, Frederic Rzewski, James Tenney.
500     Includes program notes, biographical information on the composers and performers, and selected discography (15 pages) in English inserted in container.

Bibliography. Accompanying matter includes a bibliography.

AccM     abfi
245 Classic harmonica blues / ǂc compiled and annotated by Barry Lee Pearson and Jeff Place.
500     Program notes, with bibliography and discography (35 pages : portraits) inserted in container.



Thematic index. Accompanying matter includes a thematic index.

AccM     ci
100 1   Ravel, Maurice, ǂd 1875-1937, ǂe composer.
245 Piano concerto for the left hand in D major = ǂb für die linke Hand in D-Dur / ǂc Maurice Ravel ; edited by Arbie Orenstein.
500      Includes thematic index.

Libretto or text. Accompanying matter includes a printed transcription of the libretto or other text (e.g., a transcript of verbal contents of a sound recording).

AccM     dehi
100 1   Daugherty, Michael, ǂd 1954- ǂe composer.
240 1 Sing sing
245 1   Sing sing: J. Edgar Hoover : ǂb for string quartet and pre-recorded sound (1992) / ǂc Michael Daugherty.
500     Includes composer's notes, performance notes, biographical sketch, and transcript of the pre-recorded sound.

Biography of composer or author. Accompanying matter includes significant biographical information about the composer or author.

AccM     abefi
100 1    Curran, Alvin S., ǂd 1938- ǂe composer, ǂe singer.
245 1 Maritime rites / ǂc Alvin Curran.
500     Program and biographical notes by David Toop, Alvin Curran, and Melissa Gould, with selected discography and bibliography (19 p.) inserted in container.



Biography of performer or history of ensemble. Accompanying matter includes significant biographical information about the performer or the history of the ensemble.

AccM     abfik
245 Drop on down in Florida : ǂb field recordings of African American traditional music 1977-1980 / ǂc edited by Dwight DeVane and Blaine Waide ; with contributions from Peggy A. Bulger, Doris J. Dyen, and David Evans.
500     Accompanying book contains extensive program, biographical, and historical notes.



Technical and/or historical information on instruments. Accompanying matter includes technical and/or historical information on the instruments.

AccM     gi
100 1   Schickele, Peter.
245 Four folk song upsettings ǂh [electronic resource] : ǂb S. 4, for mezzanine-soprano, devious instruments, and piano / ǂc P.D.Q. Bach ; edited, but not gussied up by Peter Schickele.
500     Notes on the instruments and program notes by Peter Schickele: p. [2].



Technical information on music. Accompanying matter includes significant technical information, including instructions for performance.

AccM     hi
100 1   Bryars, Gavin, ǂe composer.
245 1 4 The sinking of the Titanic : ǂb (1969-) : version for string quartet and pre-recorded material / ǂc Gavin Bryars.
500     Scores are performance scores, including "road maps;" volume includes notes by the composer and a reproduction of his research notes (first published in Soundings 9, June 1975); pre-recorded materials on accompanying CD.



Historical information. Accompanying matter includes significant historical information.

AccM     afi
245 4 The Sun rock box : ǂb rock'n'roll recorded by Sam Phillips, 1954-1959.
500     Accompanying book, by Hank Davis, Colin Escott, and Martin Hawkins, contains discography, biographical notes on performers and Sam Phillips, history of Sun Records, and program notes.



Ethnological information. Accompanying matter includes significant ethnological information.

AccM     aefhik
245 Fonn : ǂb the Campbells of Greepe : music and a sense of place in a Gaelic family song tradition / ǂc [an deasachadh Norma NicLeòid ... [and others]]..
500     Includes program notes, biographical information on the composers and performers, and selected discography (15 pages) in English inserted in container.



Instructional materials. Accompanying matter includes instructional materials.

AccM     dr
245 Chants et musiques à danser / ǂc Maluzerne.
500     Dance instructions on inner sleeve.



Music. Accompanying matter contains a score or other music format than that of the main item.

AccM     dghrs
100 1   Seeger, Pete, ǂd 1919- ǂe performer, ǂe teacher.
245 1 4 The folksinger's guitar guide : ǂb an instruction record / ǂc by Pete Seeger.
500     Liner notes include transcription of the instruction, song texts, and music (22 pages : illustrations, music).



Other accompanying matter. None of the other codes is appropriate.

AccM     z
100 1   Chesney, Kenny, ǂe performer.
245 1 Life on a rock / ǂc Kenny Chesney.
300     1 CD ; ǂc 12 cm. + ǂe issued with booklet.


fill character  No attempt to code. If the fill character is used, all six positions must be coded with the fill character.

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