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Replaced:  Date of Last Replace


ALL: 005

Input Standards

ALL: System Supplied. Sixteen-character date. Default: date entered


All formats 

The format for the date in Replaced is yyyymmddhhmmss.fyyyy is the year; mm, the month; dd, the day; hh the hour; mm the minute; ss the second; f the fraction of a second. You cannot change Replaced.


Replaced represents the date of the last replace transaction. Replace transactions include replaces done by batchloading processes and corrections to the record made as a part of database quality activities. These transactions result in a change in the Replaced date. Such changes are not always reflected in changes to field 040 subfield ‡d .

For a record created online by a member institution, Replaced is the same as the Entered date until a replace transaction is completed.

For a batchloaded record, Replaced represents the date on which that record was loaded into WorldCat, until a replace transaction is completed.

If the system replaces a member-input with a batchloaded record, the Replaced date reflects the date on which the record was replaced. The Replaced date could change again if another replace transaction is done on the record.

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