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SpFm:  Special Format Characteristics


MAP: 008/33-34; 006/16-17

Input Standards

MAP: Optional. Up to two, one-character codes. Default:  blank character blank character 


MAP, 006 

The special format characteristics of a map. Enter one or two, one-character codes. Enter codes in order of importance.


If only one SpFm code applies, use that code in the first character position and leave the second position blank. Leave the default codes, blank character blank character for ordinary printed maps.
blank character   No specified special format characteristics. Item is a regular printed map.
e  Manuscript. Item is drawn or fashioned by hand.
j  Picture card, post card. Item is a picture or post card.
k  Calendar. Item also functions as a calendar.
l  Puzzle. The item's image may be disassembled into pieces and reassembled.
n  Game. Item may be used as part of a game.
o  Wall map. Item is a wall map.
p  Playing cards. Item is in the form of playing cards.
r  Loose-leaf. Item consists of separate leaves intended to be stored in a binder or case. Loose-leaf items are often meant to be updated.
z  Other. None of the other codes is appropriate.
fill character  No attempt to code. If the fill character is used, both positions must be coded with the fill character.

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