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Time:  Running Time


VIS: 008/18-20; 006/01-03

Input Standards

VIS: Optional. Three-digit number. Default:  fill character fill character fill character 


VIS, 006 

Running time for motion pictures or videorecordings. Time applies only to motion pictures and videorecordings. Use nnn for other materials in VIS.

History  Pre-1980 records may have three blanks if time was not known or if the element did not apply. Some records are still blank.

Pre-1985 records may have the number of frames in filmstrips or the number of slides or transparencies. Some records still have digits for these materials.


Use the following guidelines for assigning times:
  • Use a three-digit number. Right-justify numbers consisting of fewer than three digits. Enter leading zeros.
Time:     009
300     1 videocassette (9 min.)
  • If the actual length exceeds three digits, enter three zeros.
Time:     000
300     24 film reels (50 min. each)
  • Use the total running time if two or more motion pictures or videorecordings are present.
Time:     060
300     3 film cassettes (20 min. each)
  • Use minutes. Convert seconds to the next higher minute.
Time:     003
300     1 film loop (2 min., 30 sec.)
  • If length is unknown, enter three hyphens.
Time:     ---
300     1 videoreel
  • Use nnn for materials other than motion pictures and videorecordings.
Time:     nnn
300     121 slides

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