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A simple-to-use copy cataloging tool

OCLC CatExpress enables you to put materials on the shelves for your users faster than ever before. Even if you have little or no cataloging experience, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to use CatExpress with minimal training.

Affordable access to accurate records

CatExpress is a cost-effective way to obtain reliable, complete MARC records. Precise records for popular and hard-to-find materials are provided in a one-stop, easy-to-use Web interface that never needs software updates. Through CatExpress, you have access to up-to-date records for all kinds of resources: monographs, serials, maps, electronic books, Web articles, audiovisual recordings, and more.

Behind it, the power of WorldCat

CatExpress balances ease of use with the power of  WorldCat,  the world's most comprehensive database of bibliographic records available.

Is CatExpress right for me?

If your library needs basic copy cataloging and MARC record delivery for 250-7,000 titles per year, consider using CatExpress.  Subscriptions are available for purchase by the following individual libraries (including those that are part of a group):

  • K-12, Special and Federal libraries
  • Public libraries - serving a population of 20,000 or fewer users
  • Academic and Community College libraries – with full-time equivalent enrollment of 2,500 or less

Note: If your library needs to create original cataloging records or it does not meet the subscription criteria for CatExpress above, then a full cataloging subscription is recommended.

CatExpress is ... one of those rare library tools that combines extraordinary ease of use with quick turnaround time, so our materials get on the shelf and into users’ hands at minimal cost.

—David Sweet, Director of the American Health Information Management Association’s FORE Library

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