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All the features you need in one place

CatExpress means always having one stop for your copy cataloging needs. Features include:

  • Nine subscription levels to match your needs
    CatExpress is offered as a subscription-based service at nine levels based on the number of titles cataloged per year. Subscribe only to the level you need. CatExpress is also available to library groups as a yearly subscription.
  • A simple process
    To catalog, you log on to the CatExpress at, locate a matching WorldCat record for the item you're cataloging, add local data as necessary, click the Save to Catalog button to attach your holdings, log off, and download your MARC records.
  • Ease in finding the records you need
    You'll almost always find the record you're looking for in WorldCat, whether you're cataloging a popular title or a hard-to-find item. Context-sensitive help and interface Quick Tips aid in searching and cataloging activities.
  • Basic and advanced searching
    Search for a WorldCat record by standard number, keywords, or title in the basic search; or by many other indexes (e.g. publisher name, location call numbers) with Boolean operators in the advanced search.
  • Limitable, sortable results
    Limit results in the advanced search by date, format, language, and Internet-only resources. Sort results by title, author, or date.

  • Local data input
    Enter information for your local catalog, including call number, cutter, bar code number, and public notes. You may also set multiple 852 location fields for additional copies.
  • Preview screen
    Check the data you've input or changes you've made in a preview screen. Save the record to the catalog, or head back to make more edits.
  • View and delete holdings
    You'll know at a glance whether your library already has a record for a matching item. Ownership status is indicated both in brief lists and on the full record display. If you no longer have the item in your collection, simply click Delete Holdings; the status change is immediate. Any Local Data Records attached to the record will also be deleted.

Access to WorldCat

CatExpress lets you search WorldCat to retrieve bibliographic records matching the materials you wish to catalog. The built-in access to WorldCat connects your copy cataloging efforts to the records of more than 319 million global information resources in all formats-monographs, serials, electronic books and journals, Web-based articles, audio and video recordings, and more-all from the full range of recorded history.

More than 10,000 libraries near you and on the other side of the world contribute their records to WorldCat, making it the world's largest, most complete, and most consulted bibliographic database.

  • Spine and pocket label printing
    View and edit cataloging labels at any point while creating a record, switching between regular text labels and MARC labels and data formatting with the click of a button. Print labels using the OCLC Cataloging Label Program in tandem with CatExpress. Four label formats are available. You can add print constants and volume numbers; print multiple copies; and save labels to file for batch printing. Pin feed and laser stock are supported.
  • Generous user assistance
    Context-sensitive help is ready on every screen—for instance, field names on the main cataloging display are linked to definitions from OCLC's Bibliographic Formats and Standards, and you can consult guidelines toward determining if the WorldCat record you are viewing matches the item that you are cataloging. Ever-present Quick Tips remind you on best use of interface components.

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