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200 Religion Class

200 Religion Class is an updated extract from Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index, Edition 23. It includes an updated version of the 200 Religion schedule and the Manual notes for 200 Religion, an updated and extended index to 200 Religion, and the 170 Ethics schedule. 200 Religion Class is intended to be used by libraries with in-depth religious collections and small general collections. The latter may be classified using Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index, Edition 15.

Another exciting feature of 200 Religion Classis an optional arrangement for the Bible and specific religions based on a chronological/regional view. For some time now, we have been exploring the development of an alternative view of 200 Religion to reduce Christian bias in the standard notational sequence for the Bible and specific religions. In cooperation with Ia C. McIlwaine (University College London, and the former editor in chief of the Universal Decimal Classification [UDC]) we have prepared a chronological/regional view of the Bible and specific religions based on a similar development introduced in the UDC in 2000. The new optional arrangement appears in appendix A of the print version of 200 Religion Class, and in a new Manual note at 220-290 Optional arrangement for the Bible and specific religions in WebDewey. A virtual browser based on the new optional arrangement and linked to Dewey-classified resources in is available directly from this page.

Dewey Religion Browser

The opening screen of the Dewey Religion Browser shows the 13 top-level Dewey categories from a chronological/regional viewpoint expressed using customized Dewey captions, e.g., Prehistoric religions, Religions of East and Southeast Asian origin. To the left of most captions is a button that can be clicked to expand the category further. Hovering over each caption is the Dewey number or number span from the standard notational sequence, e.g., 299.5 Religions of East and Southeast Asian origin, 299.7-299.8 Religions of North and South American native origin. Clicking a caption accompanied by single Dewey number will launch a truncated search of WorldCat using that number. Categories with captions accompanied by number spans should be expanded first before launching a search.

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