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Reports available with OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

OCLC offers a variety of reports that can help you analyze your resource-sharing workflow or borrowing and lending patterns. You'll be able to share meaningful data with your collection-development staff, administrators and funding bodies.

These reports are available at no extra charge.

Report Description
Fee Management Monthly detailed reports itemize library-to-library debits and credits on your OCLC bill. This report is generated automatically for libraries that use Fee Management.
Reasons for No Monthly reports for both borrower and lender activity help lenders evaluate their fill rate and borrowers to refine their Custom Holdings groups. Reports provided in quote and comma-delimited format.
OCLC Union List Strategic Reports These reports give libraries a jumpstart on entering union list holdings data by providing a list of serial titles requested from their library via WorldShare Interlibrary Loan.
Reciprocity WorldShare Interlibrary Loan statistics are used to create reports of your library's borrowing and lending activity with libraries of your choice. These reports provide data you can use to manage your interlibrary loan partnerships, such as reciprocal borrowing agreements. They can be retrieved from the "Assessment" section of the OCLC Usage Statistics website.
Lender string report (coming soon) This report will give you information about lenders, fill rates and average turnaround time for a period of time you specify.
Resource Sharing Monthly Activity Report of your borrowing-to-lending ratio, filled versus unfilled requests, average monthly turnaround time for receiving items and more. Provided in print format only.
Resource Sharing Management Statistics Monthly raw data about your WorldShare Interlibrary Loan activity. Customize these statistics using your own spreadsheet or database program. Also includes WorldCat Collection Analysis data (if service is used by your library).

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