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Serving libraries

Libraries OCLC provides research, prototypes and services that aid in the organization, development and daily operation of member organizations and partners. Libraries can access a broad range of OCLC resources for use in their programs and broader community.


Speakers Bureau

Each year OCLC is pleased to make staff available for face-to-face and virtual presentations. A variety of OCLC employees are available to speak on topics important to your library, our industry, and related organizations and efforts. From social and cultural phenomena related to media and the information services industries, to technology and infrastructure issues, to original library science research—OCLC considers public speaking to be an important outreach and advocacy aspect of its core mission.

Innovation Lab

Launched in 2010 to generate new services, test existing services in new markets, and explore new ways to deliver existing services to the cooperative. The lab provides new opportunities for libraries and library developer communities to work directly with OCLC developers and OCLC data and services.

Presentation Archive

Presentations, webinars, podcasts of presentations, and training sessions by OCLC staff and OCLC guest speakers are made available freely on OCLC's Web site for anyone's use.

Developer Network

Developer NetworkA community of developers collaborating to propose, discuss and test OCLC Web Services. This open-source, code-sharing infrastructure improves the value of OCLC data for all users by encouraging new OCLC Web Services uses. The open use of OCLC APIs and related mashups has generated more than 12 million searches of WorldCat data. OCLC has also sponsored six "mashathons," where members of the programming community can gather to try out new software, apps and mashups. Using these resources, developers have produced more than 60 applications.

OCLC library and archive

Available for members and nonmembers for on-site use by appointment. OCLC's corporate library participates in WorldCat Resource Sharing and makes much of its collection available through interlibrary loan. To consult with the library, send an email to oclclibrary@oclc.org.

Research prototypes

OCLC Research makes more than two dozen prototypes and software offerings available online, most of which are open-source. Examples of free prototypes that benefit libraries everywhere include:


A FRBR-based prototype designed to support the assignment of classification numbers and subject headings for books, DVDs, CDs and other types of materials.

WorldCat Genres

A prototype that allows users to browse dozens of fiction genres for hundreds of titles, authors, subjects, characters, locations and more, ranked by popularity in the world's libraries. A demo is available here.

WorldCat Publisher Pages

A set of Web pages that provides a visual representation of publishers' output, as reflected in the WorldCat database.


MapFASTA means to check surrounding locations when looking for information about a certain location. The FAST Geographic subjects provide a clean access point to this material, and a Google Maps mashup was developed to allow users to see these surrounding locations that are also FAST subjects. The map interface allows for simple selection of the location, with a link to enter this directly as a search into either WorldCat.org or Google Books.