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Ed O’Neill

Senior Research Scientist

Ed O’Neill

Edward T. O’Neill joined OCLC’s Office of Research 1983. Ed received his BA from Albion College and continued his education in industrial engineering at Purdue University, where he received his BSIE, MSIE and PhD degrees. After graduation, he joined the faculty at University of Buffalo where he served as Acting Dean and Assistant Dean of the School of Information and Library Studies. In 1978–1979, Ed spent a sabbatical year at OCLC as OCLC’s first Visiting Distinguished Scholar. In 1980, he was appointed as Dean of the Matthew A. Baxter School of Library and Information Science at Case Western Reserve University in 1980. His research interests include authority control, subject analysis, datamining, collection management and bibliographic relationships. He is active in both ALA and IFLA where he is member of the Standing Committee of the Classification and Indexing Section and is involved in a variety of FRBR activities.

Ed speaks on a variety of topics related to library research, including subject indexing, authority control, collection management and bibliographic relationships.