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Library services

Contact your Library Services consultant to learn how your library can benefit from WorldShare Management Services, discovery, cataloging and resource sharing solutions, or any OCLC service. Let the Library Services team help your library reach its maximum potential.

Contact them for help with ordering OCLC services and for quotes for new services.

Matt Goldner shows WorldShare Management Services to OCLC members.

Member relations

Your Member Relations team of librarians will help you make sure you are getting the most out of your OCLC membership.

The Member Relations Team expands your regional connections with other members, providing you with more opportunities to participate in and contribute to successful communities of practice. Member Relations staff learn from you—to get a sense of how OCLC can better meet your needs and to keep you informed and engaged in the OCLC cooperative.

Attendees share ideas during a Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference event.

Member leaders

Help shape the future direction of the cooperative by engaging with your elected member-leadership teams. Both the Americas Regional Council Executive Committee and Global Council representatives facilitate discussions and gather input from members to make sure your voice is heard on strategic matters.

You may choose to contact any of these members because of his or her geographic proximity, a similar institution type or size, an individual's involvement in a specific committee or task force—or simply because you see a familiar face. All of these individuals have been equally charged with representing your needs.

Representatives chat during an OCLC Global Council meeting.

Looking for technical product support?

For questions or problems, contact your nearest OCLC office or regional distributor.

We are a worldwide library cooperative, owned, governed and sustained by members since 1967. Our public purpose is a statement of commitment to each other—that we will work together to improve access to the information held in libraries around the globe, and find ways to reduce costs for libraries through collaboration. Learn more »