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Before you order Contract Cataloging, we need to learn more about your needs and challenges, firsthand. To help us do this, please complete and submit either the Dewey or Non-Dewey request for cost proposal form.

If you need more information before submitting a request for cost proposal, or to start a conversation about your project, please contact Rosanna O'Neil via email at contractcat@oclc.org or telephone at 1-800-848-5878 or 1-614-764-6000, extension 4067.

Upon learning more about your needs and challenges, we will design a solution for you and determine prices based on: (1) type and format of materials, (2) languages to be included in the project, (3) anticipated percentages of original and copy cataloging, and (4) the amount and type of editing and local data to be added to records. Prices are quoted on a per-item basis.

We look forward to working with you.

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