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WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

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OCLC offers customized subscription pricing for WorldShare Interlibrary Loan to individual institutions and library groups, tailored to your specific needs. For more information, or to request a quote, please contact OCLC or your local distributor.

Call: 1-800-848-5800 or (614) 793-8682
E-mail: libservices@oclc.org

An integrated suite of library management applications

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan is available as a stand-alone service or as part of WorldShare Management Services, an integrated suite of library management applications.  

WorldShare ILL customers can also order:

Article Exchange custom version

Libraries in the United States may add a subscription to the custom version of Article Exchange to their OCLC Resource Sharing subscription using the Article Exchange - Custom order form.

Use of the WorldCat knowledge base

To initiate loading of your library's knowledge base into the WorldCat® knowledge base for enhanced resource sharing of articles and other electronic resources, complete and submit the WorldCat knowledge base request form.

IFLA vouchers

OCLC members may purchase full- and half-value IFLA vouchers from OCLC. Full vouchers are $12.00 CAN/US each (no shipping charges), and half vouchers are $6.00 CAN/US each (no shipping charges). Orders of less than $100 US will be shipped at no charge via the U.S. Postal Service, and orders of more than $100 US will be shipped at no charge via UPS ground for tracking purposes. OCLC members may place orders for IFLA vouchers in one of two ways.

  • Use the IFLA voucher order form. Orders placed through this order form will be billed through monthly OCLC member bills.
  • Use a blank workform in WorldShare Interlibrary Loan. Requestors enter the following information in a blank workform within the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan or WorldCat Resource Sharing service.
  1. Enter "VOUCH" as the lender symbol, and enter "IFLA Vouchers needed" in the Title field.
    Screenshot: Enter VOUCH as the lender symbol and enter IFLA Vouchers Needed in the Title field.
  2. Enter "IFLA" in the Verified field. Library address information will be populated automatically.
  3. Indicate the number of vouchers you want to purchase in Borrowing Notes.
  4. Check the IFM box and enter the total cost of your order in Maximum Cost.
    Screenshot: Check the IFM box and enter the total cost of your order in Maximum Cost.
  5. Indicate IFM as the form of payment.

Each voucher order will be filled and mailed to your library within 24 hours of placing the order.

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