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Summary of the Action Plan for 2013 - 2014:
“Library Community in Action”

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The Action Plan for 2013-2014 is anchored on the theme for my term of office viz.:  “Library Community in Action”. This theme is inspired by the African proverb: “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”.

This plan will in effect continue the work done in the previous years of seeking to build awareness within the region of the community of members which together form the Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Council within the OCLC global cooperative. The focus of this plan will be on raising the awareness of opportunities for members to participate in the governance of OCLC. Special attention will be given to the promotion and implementation of the newly approved membership protocols. It is estimated that these membership protocols have enabled approximately 4000 additional institutions to qualify for the membership of the OCLC within the EMEA region. As a result an implementation plan is being prepared to identify and reach out to the new members within this region.

The three pillars of the Action Plan are:

Theme 1: Focus on the Cooperative

To continue with the effort of engaging existing members and facilitate their participation in the governance of OCLC and support all efforts of reaching out to, the approximately, 4000 new members

Theme 2: Regional Focus

To set a strategic direction with regional focus that promotes membership participation and engagement across EMEA sub-regions.

Theme 3: Focus on Research and Knowledge

Seek to build a regional focus to promote the research roles of OCLC being one of the world’s leading centres devoted exclusively to the challenges facing libraries and archives in a rapidly changing information technology environment.


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