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ILLiad at a glance

The OCLC ILLiad Resource Sharing Management software (ILLiad) automates routine interlibrary loan functions. You save time by managing all of your library's borrowing, lending and document delivery through a single, Windows-based interface.


  • Save time by automating routine interlibrary loan functions.
  • Do more with the same staff by freeing them from rekeying patron information and manually tracking requests.
  • Eliminate paperwork, thereby reducing clutter and hand-copying errors.
  • Improve service to end users by giving them the ability to initiate and track their ILL requests every step of the way through a simple Web interface.

OCLC offers complete server hosting to all ILLiad™ users. This service includes all of the hardware and software components needed, as well as all back-ups, system and software upgrades, and customization and installation time from the developers.


  • A seamless, integrated interface to both WorldCat and WorldCat Resource Sharing.
  • Delivery of electronic documents to your users' desktops.
  • Fast delivery of electronic materials due to interaction with the WorldCat knowledge base means faster delivery of electronic materials.
  • Statistics to track workflow in real time and quantify lender performance.
  • A single Windows-based interface to ILL functions for library staff.
  • User access and tracking of requests from any Web browser.
  • Send, receive and track requests on NLM's DOCLINE service.
  • ISO compliance enables peer-to-peer lending through ISO ILL.
  • Manages and automates copyright compliance.
  • Full Unicode compliance supports Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin Extended and other non-Western character sets.
  • Mobile web pages allow users to access their ILLiad accounts via iPhone or Android.


ILLiad client and server installations have different hardware and software requirements.

Related services

  • Enable request deflection by defining lending rules in the OCLC Policies Directory
  • Save time with unmediated ILL using OCLC Direct Request feature within ILLiad
  • Online reference service with OCLC FirstSearch
  • Integration with WorldCat Navigator


OCLC ILLiad software was developed by the interlibrary loan staff at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and has been expanded and further enhanced by Atlas Systems, Inc., the primary developer for OCLC ILLiad. Atlas continues to be a vital provider to OCLC for support and development of this product.

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