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Rich features streamline and simplify the ILL experience

The OCLC ILLiad resource sharing management software (OCLC ILLiad) consolidates and automates a multitude of routine interlibrary loan functions into a single staff interface. Your staff saves time by managing all of your library's borrowing, lending and document delivery through a single, Windows-based interface. Your users track and receive their requests electronically through the Web.

Web-based interface gives patrons the keys

OCLC ILLiad provides a Web interface that allows your users to access their ILLiad accounts from wherever they have Internet access and a Web browser. After completing an initial profile, users need only key in their user ID and password. A user's profile – contact information, preferred delivery methods, and so forth – is automatically inserted into each request, whether that request is entered by the user from a Web form or generated from a library database using Open URL.

ILLiad also supports mediated interlibrary loan that will allow your staff to route requests to specific processing queues for expedited or special service. For example, requests generated from a certain department or school could be delivered to a specific queue, for which interlibrary loan staff would offer expedited service.

Document delivery to the desktop

OCLC ILLiad offers the most sophisticated document delivery service available to libraries. Whether a document comes from your own library or from one halfway around the world, OCLC ILLiad assists you in delivering documents directly to the user's desktop.

Odyssey, ILLiad's document-delivery feature, allows staff to send and receive documents from ILLiad, Odyssey, and Ariel users. Staff review documents for accuracy and with a single click post them to the patron's ILLiad account.

Staff can profile other libraries as "trusted senders," which will allow incoming Odyssey documents to be sent directly to the patron's Web account without staff review.

Copyright tracking

The copyright-management system in ILLiad allows interlibrary loan staff to track and monitor all user requests for journal articles.

Interface with WorldCat Resource Sharing

OCLC ILLiad is the only ILL management system that provides a seamless, integrated interface to both WorldCat and WorldCat Resource Sharing. Requests can be searched in WorldCat, then produced on WorldCat Resource Sharing within ILLiad. ILL updates and request downloads are performed automatically through this seamless interface.

Integration with your databases and OCLC FirstSearch

ILLiad can receive requests from FirstSearch and any other OpenURL-supported reference services. Accurate citations from library databases are associated with your patron’s ILLiad account and submitted to your ill workflow, eliminating the need to re-enter data or decipher handwritten requests. ILL staff may determine that an item is available electronically from your own collection, and either send the item directly to the patron, or use automated forms to redirect the patron to the item. If your library uses Document Delivery, requests can be transferred from the Borrowing queue to the Document Delivery queue with a single click. Borrowing from other libraries is fully integrated with the Policies Directory and your unique custom holdings queues.

Direct Request for physical AND electronic content

The Direct Request feature now delivers even more efficient access to online articles and eBooks due to its interaction with the new WorldCat knowledge base and integrated access to the lending policies of content owners. The knowledge base tells which libraries own needed items – including volume, issue, and availability data, saving staff time and reducing turnaround time for users.

Expand ILL Choices through DOCLINE and ISO ILL

ILLiad can send and receive ILL requests with DOCLINE and many ISO ILL systems. This, combined with an integrated WorldCat Resource Sharing interface provides ILLiad users with a wealth of options in interlibrary loan. ILLiad can even print your request as an ALA form for mailing.

Statistics to keep you informed

OCLC ILLiad generates detailed reports in real time that help you efficiently track your workflow and keep your administrators up-to-date. Lending reports allow borrowing institutions to view up-to-date tracking information about requests sent through online systems.

ILL staff can provide the URL to any other interested library staff who would need to review these statistics. ILL staff no longer has to spend time creating and distributing paper-based reports to other library departments.

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