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Praise for ILLiad

“Our patrons love that they can know the status of their requests at any time by accessing the Customer Interface. Patrons enjoy the instant email notification they get when their material arrives.”

Louisiana State University

Save time

“ILLiad has been a life-saver. Gone are the days of filing, finding, and re-filing heaps of paper, spending hours trying to contact patrons, and re-keying interlibrary loan information. ILLiad has enabled our ILL department to quickly and efficiently process and track requests.”

—Southeastern Louisiana University

Reallocate staff

“I had frozen one staff position prior to the ILLiad implementation because I wanted to see if our staffing level could be reduced and the department still provide a high level of client service. Since our implementation, another staff member who is resigning has informed her supervisor that we should reconsider filling her position since it now only takes two hours instead of the previous 8-12 hours to process client requests. The Library has been able to reallocate two positions to another area in the library where additional staff were badly needed.”

—University of Arkansas for Medical Services Library

Simplify use

“ILLiad mirrors interlibrary loan processes in general. ILLiad guides the staff person step-by-step from downloading either from OCLC or Docline, to searching local catalogs and printing up all requests that need to be searched.”

—Harvard Medical School

Make patrons happy

“The service became a real success story with the implementation of ILLiad. The active research faculty and eager students soon found out about the new paperless web-based Interlibrary Loan service with no more paper forms to fill out. They are impressed with the system’s features and they spread the news on campus. The system produces email notifications of received requests or cancellations, keeps files on each individual patron, featuring viewing outstanding requests, renewals of outstanding items, request history, resubmitting of canceled requests and as soon as we implement it, it will have the capability to download articles electronically.”

—Southeastern Louisiana University

Enjoy a secure relationship

“Nylink member libraries told us that they wanted a reduced price for ILLiad, a guarantee that ILLiad would work with OCLC ILL both now and in the future, a high quality ILLiad training and user support. Today, OCLC, Atlas Systems, and Nylink are working together as a team to bring these benefits to libraries.”


Reduce paperwork

“ILLiad has allowed us to get rid of almost all paper. Its tracking is outstanding not only in the message it gives, but it also in identifying the processor. We are in the process of implementing a few of the remaining features in ILLiad, and once we get those up, we will all be dancing a jig!”

——Middleton Library, Louisiana State University

“Ellender Memorial Library was one of the second phase sites of the LOUIS consortium. Now that the ILLiad system has been set up, the workflow has developed, the tasks of Interlibrary Loan are more organized and proficient. The whole process helps save time in searching, filing, typing addresses, typing E-mail messages and from making time consuming phone calls. The system organizes all the files with patrons and their requests, produces labels, slips, addresses, overdue notices and letters. Another great feature is the report writing capability The ILLiad system works hand in hand with OCLC and brings the Interlibrary Loan function into a professional and leading service.”

——Ellender Memorial Library, Nicholls State University

Hosted service

“We are a medium size library and a hosted site and I can’t imagine any cons. We don’t have a systems librarian so we would have no one to maintain our own server and no one who would understand the technical lingo, or be able to deal with the technical problems that, of course, would arise. We do, of course, have an IT department who we can consult but there’s no way they could be devoted to maintaining ILLiad. For this reason, I really appreciate the support and convenience of being hosted, particularly around upgrade times, when everything is done from OCLC’s end.”

—Ken Venet, Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida, USA

"OCLC's ILLiad Support team rocks! We went live with ILLiad in 2004. My predecessor made the best decision when she made us a hosted library. Our instructions from our training were to call OCLC for help. They have rescued our collective fat from the fire on many an occasion."

—Heather Campbell, Jacksonville Public Library, Florida, USA

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