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OCLC WorldShare™ License Manager at a glance

License Manager is a unique electronic resource management solution that consolidates the management of link resolution with vendor, licensing and subscription management.


  • Library staff will save time by managing access to all library resources in a single location—the WorldCat database. The WorldCat knowledge base holdings that power the License Manager's linking functionality synchronize automatically with WorldCat every day. Once your library's local data is present in the WorldCat knowledge base, that information automatically updates appropriate records in WorldCat.
    • For Cataloging subscribers, this means near real-time synchronization of print and electronic holdings in WorldCat.
    • For WorldCat Local or WMS subscribers, this means no additional uploading or synchronization of licensed resources with local catalogs and instant access to licensed resources for your end users.
    • For Resource Sharing subscribers, this means instantly streamlined ILL, through syndication of lending rights to WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad.
  • License Manager uses the same WorldShare interface as all other WorldShare services (metadata, interlibrary loan, circulation, acquisitions) and is available in the following languages:  English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish. The language is configurable within the user interface.
  • The integration of License Manager with OCLC's WorldShare™ Acquisitions centralizes budgeting, ordering and receiving workflows related to licensed resources. Specifically, WMS Acquisitions supports ordering licensed content using data in the WorldCat knowledge base in the same interface used for ordering physical materials.
  • License Manager is a vendor-neutral service that interoperates across library management systems, allowing for KBART-formatted exports of profiled knowledge bases for integration with other library management systems.
  • License Manager is built on the OCLC WorldShare™ Platform that allows library staff and others to create applications that enhance current features and bridge information to other systems.
  • License Manager provides analytics that inform library management decisions. COUNTER-compliant statistics are aggregated in the OCLC statistics portal at
  • License Manager provides customizable workflows that accommodate:
    • Negotiation of licenses with content providers
    • Evaluation of trial subscriptions
    • Registration and configuration of access credentials, including support for EZproxy.

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