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This Webscale service—OCLC WorldShare™ License Manager—replaces separate systems and data silos to manage divergent e-content workflows and let your library put everything in one place. That saves time and money, and makes collection development easier too.

Today OCLC WorldShare License Manager delivers:

  • An OpenURL link resolver
  • Management of terms of use by type of resource, including:
    • Interlibrary loan
    • Course reserves
    • Archival materials
    • Perpetual access
    • Remote access
    • Post-cancellation access
    • Copying and sharing
  • A to Z journal list
  • A citation finder tool for articles
  • An API Web Service for the WorldCat knowledge base

Ongoing enhancements

When you subscribe to License Manager, you will benefit from regular additions of functionality to add even more efficiency to the management of your library's electronic resources. Enhancements planned for the service include:

  • Workflow alerts for subscription renewals, changes and general license management
  • Additional reporting capabilities including those prepared with statistics harvested from SUSHI-compliant providers
  • New license templates, including the Shared Electronic Resource Understanding (SERU) and other state, regional and national licensing terms
  • Consortial license management
  • Trial access and registration workflows
  • A to Z collection list (for databases and packages)
  • Web services for use in subject guides and course pages

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