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How to prepare for your use of WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

There are several things your staff can do to prepare for your use of WorldShare Interlibrary Loan. These include:

Policies Directory

Update your library's information in the OCLC Policies Directory. Some key areas to review include contacts and policies for copy, loan and deflection.

Details about how to access and update the Policies Directory are provided in the OCLC Policies Directory Quick Reference.

Constant Data

Review and update your constant data records in the WorldCat Services Administrative module to ensure consistency and streamline processes for your staff.

In particular, review the format of your address fields to make sure they accommodate changes implemented in March 2012. The previous “SHIP TO” and “RETURN TO” fields are now the following distinct address fields: Attention, Address 1, Address 2, City, State/Province, Country, Postal Code.  The new “Address 1” field contains data previously included in the “SHIP TO” field on the ILL workform.  Detailed instructions for updating address information in constant data records are provided in OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan: Constant Data

Browser requirements

Use of one of the following browsers and versions  is required for use of the new WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service.

PLEASE NOTE: Functionality in the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service is updated on a quarterly basis in February, May, August and November. During these updates, the service is tested with specific browser versions to ensure the service functions correctly when used with different browsers. The browsers and versions listed here are those most recently tested with WorldShare Interlibrary Loan:

  • Mozilla Firefox® 27.0.1 (preferred browser)
  • Google Chrome version 33.0.1750.146 m
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer versions 9.0 or 10.0

Note: In February 2014, OCLC discontinued testing WorldShare ILL with Internet Explorer 8.  This change is in line with Microsoft's plan to end support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. The service will continue to work with Internet Explorer 8; however, over time users will likely experience degradation of functionality.  

Newer browser versions are needed to enable use of the new and expanded features of WorldShare™ Interlibrary Loan. The new service will not work with other browsers or browser versions. Library staffs will probably find that these newer, more secure browsers will also enhance their use of other Web sites and services used by library staff and users.

If library staffs are not sure which browser is in use at their library, they can use this online tool to find out.

* A Windows lifecycle fact sheet is available on the Microsoft site.

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