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Enhancement to Ingram's MyiLibrary® short-term e-book loan access


Ingram is enhancing the way it processes requests for short-term loan access to MyiLibrary e-books through WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad.  These changes will increase the number of e-book records from MyiLibrary available for short-term loan requests.

On 20 November 2012, the symbol IDILL originally set up for these loans will become lowercase. On that date, all requests for access to MyiLibrary e-books will go to the symbol IDEBK. IDEBK represents all of the holdings of Ingram’s MyiLibrary collection, an increase to 375,000 titles from the 80,000 titles available through the symbol IDILL. Use of the larger set of title records will give Ingram additional information about the type of content of interest to users.

The process for filling requests for short-term e-book loan access from MyiLibrary remains:

  • Ingram notifies the requesting library if it has not selected IFM as the payment type or if the MAXCOST in its request is too low to cover the short-term loan.
  • Ingram places the link to the e-book in the "Alert" field of the ILL record to notify the borrower that the request has been filled, and to alert the library that it will have nine days from the date the e-book is “shipped” to use the link before it expires.
  • When the requested e-book cannot be loaned due to publisher licensing, Ingram will respond No, with Not Licensed to Fill as the reason for no. 

The short-term loan access option delivers e-books to users quickly, so they can begin to use requested titles right away. Once a request is updated to “shipped” status, it is immediately available for use with no delays for shipping or the time required to pick up a requested print title. This supports the way many users make use of e-books to obtain specific parts of information for research. For example, often a chapter or section of an e-book is all a user needs to use. The MyiLibrary interface allows users to search the full text of titles to quickly identify the sections they need.

We appreciate Ingram’s ongoing efforts to support your option to purchase short-term loan access to e-book content.

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