WorldCat Resource Sharing documentation

Getting started

  • WorldCat Resource Sharing tutorials
    A series of tutorials that cover the basics of resource sharing


Find an OCLC Library and borrowing/lending policies

  • OCLC Policies Directory Quick Reference Guidelines and requirements for entering data in the Policies Directory

  • Find an OCLC Library
    Finding libraries by symbol, name, location, policy, Fee Management participation, etc.

Document suppliers

Custom holdings

Direct request

  • OCLC FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request Link Quick Reference [PDF]
    Quick reference guide to setting up the link that allows end users to generate requests for materials cited in FirstSearch databases

  • Direct Request Planning Guide
    An extensive guide to using the Direct Request feature of WorldCat Resource Sharing, with an explanation of the three processing options provided by the service, plus instructions for implementing the Direct Request link with FirstSearch, technical specifications, and examples and worksheets for creating profiles of borrowing criteria that define eligible requests.

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