Known Issues

Updated:  April 9, 2014

The table below lists known issues in OCLC WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan.
Availability dates are subject to change.

Staff interface and discovery

Issue Details/
work-around, if applicable
Request queue counts in the left navigation and in the Quick Links on the WorldShare ILL Home screen are not updating. Queues are accurate, but users may need to click the Refresh button found at the top of the request list screen. This will update the queues, but the queue counts remain inaccurate.
Duplicate electronic delivery service types in constant data under the Electronic Delivery option results in an error. Confirm that electronic delivery settings in the ILL Policies Directory are complete, e.g. IP address is in the URL Field.
Note:  There is no need to make further edits in OCLC Service Configuration.
Lending buttons fails to appear if non-numeric data is entered in the Lending charges for Default Constant Data. User should enter only numeric data for lending charges and max cost.
Search by patron name results in "no matching requests found" when the patron name is specified as lastname,firstname (no spaces plus a comma in the middle). Enter patron name in the following formats (with spaces):
Lastname Firstname
Lastname, Firstname
Firstname Lastname
Search results ignore articles (the, a, an) at the beginning of a title when sorting title field.
No current plans to fix this issue.
Selecting multiple formats in Discover Items. Fix date TBD

OCLC Service Configuration

Issue Details/
work-around, if applicable
Not all modules of OCLC Service Configuration work with Internet Explorer, version 10.0.

Fixed Issues

ISO requests must be completed using ISO-IILL.
Article Exchange:  Any special diacritics in an institution's name receives an error message on logging in.
Due date required when SAVING the Local ID field in a lending request. (Most libraries will auto-fill this when their Constant Data is applied upon opening the request.)
Using keyboard shortcuts in Advanced Search causes the drop-down list to lock.
Searching for a request by title may fail if there is punctuation in the title.
Max Cost amounts ending in zero (0) display to the borrower with one decimal point.
For example, 0.00 = 0.0, 5.00 = 5.0
Request queues occasionally show no requests in an open queue.
Printing:  When printing more than 100 requests in the Lending - New or Borrowing - New For Review categories, all requests are updated, instead of just those that were printed.
Printing:  Lender book stickers do not have barcode
Printing:  Print failure when request includes special characters (i.e. #) in notes field, or notes field is very long with no spaces.
OCLC Service Configuration:  Any special diacritics in an institution's name receives an error message on logging in.

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