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Manage and Use Your Electronic Resources and Metadata

Your First Step

Your first step in getting your library set up to use the knowledge base is to attend our introductory training, The WorldCat Knowledge Base: What it Is and Why it Matters to Your Library. If you don't want to wait for the next live session, you can view a recording now (either option is free).

Once you understand the basic concepts of the WorldCat knowledge base, you are ready to sign up and begin setting up your knowledge base.

Step-by-Step Project Guides

The step-by-step instructions in these video guides will help you get your WorldCat knowledge base set up and delivering results.

Start with our first video: Getting Started with the WorldCat knowledge base

Then, choose your first project and get going with your knowledge base.

I want my users to have full text access in WorldCat local or WMS Discovery

Need help with your projects?

WorldCat knowledge base Office Hours- our regular, free web session where you can speak with OCLC staff to help diagnose and solve your issues, and provide your feedback on the service itself.

Time: Tuesdays, 12noon - 1:30pm Eastern Time (9am-10:30 Pacific Time)

To visit the clinic, click here during the hours listed above.

WorldCat knowledge base community forum - Our community discussion forum for knowledge base - Access it here (authentication required)

OCLC Support - please reference this page and the project you are working on when contacting support - Contact OCLC Support

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