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Features: What makes OCLC WorldShare Management Services unique

OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS) brings library information and activities together in order to streamline workflows, better manage e-content and free up time and resources so you can focus on the people your library serves. 

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WorldCat—the world's largest catalog of library metadata

At the heart of OCLC WorldShare Management Services is WorldCat. Built by libraries around the globe, WorldCat includes every conceivable physical and electronic format. The result is having the information and data needed for your library to identify and select materials in a unified system for acquiring and managing them.

WorldShare applications

WMS offers one set of integrated applications that shares this data and supports library management across the full range of workflows through a Web-based staff interface. These applications provide a new approach to managing your library workflows cooperatively:

OCLCWorldShareThe WorldShare interface is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

WorldShare Metadata: Tools for data creation and enrichment 

The latest cataloging tools and technology are integrated with WMS, offering flexible cataloging workflows. With WMS, you have complete metadata management capabilities for your entire collection, across physical, licensed and digital resources.

WMS includes integrated access to all the data you need to support efficient cataloging:

  • WorldCat. Thanks to the ongoing work of dedicated OCLC member catalogers, WorldCat—one of the most trusted resources in the library community—provides the most valuable data to keep collection information accurate.

    With WMS, WorldCat becomes your library's database of record, which means you are working with the master records in WorldCat and it’s no longer necessary to move records between WorldCat and other systems. Collaborative cataloging by the global expert community builds better WorldCat records for every library’s use. The results are more records, lower costs and better data for your library.

  • WorldCat knowledge base. Combining data about your library’s licensed resources and linking features, the WorldCat knowledge base enables access to content and helps you manage the workflows associated with these materials. Unlike data in a traditional knowledge base, WorldCat knowledge base data is not tied to a particular application—it is added and maintained in a single place for use with a growing number of OCLC and non-OCLC services.

  • Authority control. Named Authority Files and Series Authority Files from NACO and SACO and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) are included.

A complete metadata management solution

OCLC WorldShare Metadata works with WMS, alternative cloud-based services and traditional integrated library systems. For libraries using WMS, WorldShare Metadata is fully integrated into the same friendly interface, significantly improving efficiency for “back office” operations. This set of new services, including OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager and Record Manager, will continue to expand in phases over the next few years.

OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager automatically delivers WorldCat MARC records and maintains WorldCat holdings for your physical, digital and licensed collections. Plus, it provides continual updates to bibliographic metadata and access URLs as collections change in order to enhance discoverability and improve access to your electronic resources.

Introduced to libraries using WMS in September 2013, OCLC WorldShare Metadata Record Manager provides an efficient, record-at-a-time metadata management solution to describe one-of-a-kind physical, digital and licensed items, including new functionality that will enable your library to:

  • Create and replace WorldCat master records using either the MARC 21 editor or the Text View editor, a simplified, labeled interface,
  • Set and delete WorldCat holdings,
  • Manage local holdings records (LHRs) and local bibliographic data (LBD),
  • Save in-progress bibliographic records for later use
  • Search and display Library of Congress authority records, and
  • Incorporate auto-suggested FAST subject headings using the Text View editor.

This release of WorldShare Metadata Record Manager complements functionality available in OCLC Connexion. We will continue to enhance WorldShare Metadata services over the next few years to further streamline metadata management and enhance discoverability of your library's materials.

Learn more about WorldShare Metadata Management

"Cataloging is the one thing that has really seen an improvement as far as workflows. It is much simpler and it is quicker. I know that before, a book would probably see multiple hands in the cataloging process and go through many steps and now I am told that it is just one-step in one sitting and that makes it a lot smoother."

John Wilson, Technology Librarian at Freed-Hardeman University
["Live" with WorldShare Management Services since August 2012]


WorldShare Acquisitions: Unifies physical and electronic collection management

All of your acquisitions functions are available in one service; there’s no need to shuttle back-and-forth among multiple systems for different formats and related activities.

With built-in access to WorldCat records and vendor data, WorldShare Acquisitions streamlines both the selection and acquisition processes. Data from previously disparate services is stored in one system for efficient reuse.

Some additional unique aspects of the WorldShare Acquisitions application and data include:

  • Shared, real-time data supports cooperative collection building.
  • Shared vendor information file is updated globally and customizable locally.
  • Automated upload of order data from external systems further streamlines workflows.
  • Holdings are automatically created for both physical and electronic resources you acquire.
  • A centralized vendor information center makes electronic ordering and invoicing services more efficient and cooperative.
  • Integration with the WorldCat knowledge base simplifies how electronic resources are managed and delivered.  
WorldShare Management Services Acquisitiongs screenshotWith WorldShare Acquisitions, you can search for a title, purchase it and process the order —all in one seamless workflow. You can see immediately whether or not there are any outstanding requests, copies selected or copies ordered.

WorldShare License Manager: Manages your  licensed and electronic resources

WorldShare License Manager brings together the two key features of electronic resource management—knowledge about licenses that govern their purchase and use, and linking technology that connects users to needed content in a single place.

For WMS libraries, License Manager is available as an add-on subscription service and helps your library more effectively manage license agreements, rights, access and resolution to full text from a single interface, eliminating the need to devise workarounds to connect disparate systems.  

Highlights include:

  • “License templates” for global management of public and shared licensing terms by staff at all participating libraries.
  • Integration with WorldShare Acquisitions simplifies workflows for the entire lifecycle of licensed materials.  
With License Manger, you will save time by managing access to all library resources in a single location—the WorldCat database. The WorldCat knowledge base holdings that power the License Manager's linking functionality synchronize automatically with WorldCat on a regular basis. Once your library's local data is in the WorldCat knowledge base, it automatically updates the appropriate records in WorldCat. As a WMS library, this means no additional uploading or synchronization of licensed resources with local catalogs, plus instant access to licensed resources for your users.

Learn more about WorldShare License Manager

WorldShare Circulation: Streamlines tasks through a Web-based interface

All circulation and patron management functions are handled centrally using WorldShare Circulation's simple, Web-based interface. This intuitive user interface streamlines tasks and reduces the training effort for library volunteers, students and pages.

It provides you with easy-to-use account management functions, including check-in, check-out and renewals, as well as integrated hold and fine management. It also tracks availability and holds in real time, enabling your library to generate a pull list on demand.

WMS Circulation screen shotWorldShare Circulation.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan: Transforming traditional interlibrary loan into a truly integrated fulfillment solution

OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan is a new service that will replace WorldCat Resource Sharing. The service:

  • Centralizes workflows now managed in multiple systems,
  • Provides new functionality that provides faster fulfillment of interlibrary loan requests, and
  • Saves time for your staff and users. 

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan goes beyond traditional interlibrary loan to provide a truly integrated delivery solution. It integrates discovery and delivery of electronic, digital and print materials within a single interface. It also supports evolving workflow changes, such as the option to purchase needed items rather than borrow them.

With the ability to be integrated with other applications, WorldShare Interlibrary Loan provides new capabilities such as the display of lender costs from the Policies Directory and display of item availability from your library's integrated library system.

Learn more about WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

Discovery: Single-search access to items from your library and the world’s library collections

OCLC’s WorldCat Local serves as the end-user discovery interface for WMS. As WorldCat Local transitions to become part of WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat Discovery will provide the end-user discovery access. With WorldCat Local, one search provides your library users with instant access to your library's materials —e-books, databases, e-journals, music, videos, books and more—in addition to materials in group and consortial catalogs and thousands of libraries worldwide.

Integration with circulation and delivery services helps your users to find AND get the resources they need—one click lets users view an electronic copy or place a hold or resource sharing request.

Access to library content. WorldCat Local delivers Google-like searching of 1.7 billion billion items from authoritative content sources from your library and the world’s library collections—including multiple material formats such as e-books, articles and journals. And because OCLC partners with leading content providers and organizations like Google Books, the HathiTrust and JSTOR, every search offers results from an extraordinary range of collections.

 WorldCat Local also includes:

  • Full OpenURL link resolver functionality. Inbound and outbound OpenURL resolution with A-Z listings using the WorldCat knowledge base ensures library users can quickly link to content.
  • A central index for content provides single-search access and replaces searches of multiple services and interfaces.
  • Evaluative content. Users can see the more than 48+ million pieces of evaluative content like cover art, tables of contents, summaries, etc.
  • Mobile. WorldCat Local supports mobile-optimized views for a wide range of devices and doesn’t require extra software, development or integration.
  • Branding and localization. You can brand the interface as your local library catalog with elements such as your logo and colors. 

Learn more about WorldCat Local

"Discovery of print, media and electronic collections through WorldCat Local, along with single-button access to interlibrary loan, makes it a superior tool."

Stefanie Wittenbach, University Librarian, Texas A&M University–San Antonio
["Live" with WorldShare Management Services since April 2011]

Analytics and reporting: Provides access to data for better decision-making

With WMS, there is a range of predefined/parameterized reports–based on local data—currently available for acquisitions, cataloging and circulation, as well as a Local Holdings Report. While “predefined”, these reports have been designed to provide flexibility through user-specified parameters that affect the output of the reports.

In the future, OCLC will introduce a comprehensive suite of analytics and decision-making tools using both local and cooperative (aggregated) library data. More specifically:

  • A dashboard, available from the WMS staff interface, which presents a snapshot view of key performance indicators and information about library activities.
  • An authoring tool, which enable library staff to access and manipulate library data, both local and cooperative, in  the support of local decision-making. This tool is a browser-based drag-and-drop report designer that can be used to build crosstabs, tables, and chart-based reports using data from the products to which the library subscribes. 



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