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ZPORTAL Federated Search Portal

The direct route from information discovery to content delivery

ZPORTAL provides end users with a single (federated) search environment that simultaneously searches across a selective range of information resources, and retrieves the hits into a single results set—all with the ease of an everyday internet search engine. The system preserves the richness of the facilities provided by the native resources both in their query facilities and data structures.

Library professionals can package these information resources by subject, location or category and then present these pre-selected groups of resources to different user communities. Users can personalize their searching by choosing from either a novice or an expert search environment, and they have the option to de-duplicate, sort and save their work.

Full-text is delivered direct to the user wherever it is available. ZPORTAL also works seamlessly with WorldCat Link Manager (OpenURL resolver) and VDX (resource sharing and document delivery) offering more delivery choices to the user.

Specific examples of ZPORTAL implementations include:

  • Virtual Union Catalogues—A single interface to search across multiple library catalogues.
  • Cultural Networks—A single interface that searches across heterogeneous resources such as libraries, museums and archives.
  • Enterprise Information Portals—Integrated access to internal and external information systems for an enterprise including intranet search engines, internet resources, libraries, electronic journal databases, etc.
  • Digital/Virtual Libraries—A coherent interface to mixed media libraries that integrate physical and digital resources.
  • Public Information Systems—Integrated access to public information systems such as libraries, museums, community information and government information, etc.

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